(?)How does Mobile Strike Hack able to break into the server.

-Mobile Strike Hack is a custom made application which uses a special virus injection method to affect and temporarily damage the server in order to remove the server’s security. Once the Server’s security is compromised. Mobile Strike Hack is able to break into the server and access user’s player profile card.

(?)After I download the program it says it has virus. Does it contain any?

-The program is embedded with sql injection scripts. These scripts are illegal and the anti-virus assumes them to be a virus. Just mark the program as allowed in your anti-virus. Do not Worry it doesn’t contain and virus or malware which can harm you or your device.

(?)How Long does it take Gold, Power and VIP status to be added in my profile?

-As soon as the Application completes the hack profile you will be able to get your desired number of Gold Bars and VIP Status in your account in minutes.

(?)Is the Application completely free?

Yes the application is completely free but we do use advertisement from third party source to generate some profit which is mostly used in maintaining the website. For more information please refer t our privacy policy page.

Mobile Strike Hack and Cheats

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